Choosing Essay Theme

Whatever the theme or approaches that you want to take for your essay just keep that in mind and make sure you are always tying it back to to you and I think that can help maybe eliminate some of the extra words or help you or not be so a lot topic like if you feel like you were inspired by a person in your life maybe your parents or your uncle or whatever a friend don’t spend too much time on who they are really it like um it is about you and it is a if you want to write about the person but write about how that person inspired you and how that changed your life though write about that other person’s accomplishments. Find help to choose your essay topic at

Because I mean I’ve read some essays where the first sentence is you know my mother is my idol or something and then that just totally takes away from who you are and that’s who we are trying to to read about so I finished many essays and been like wow I really want to admit that mom yeah I think like almost a better way of looking at this question about writing about a series events or one event is instead of instead of like starting at the point where you are trying to decide on it an event to write about you should be looking at what about you do you want to tell the admissions officer and then from there you can work back and say okay are there any like events or any stories themes for my life that kind of support this you know certain personality trait or something about my character that I really want them to know about me I think that can sometimes be a better way of looking at this okay so the next one we are gonna do is about these short answers so these are the ones on the quest which application where you have a certain character limit.

I say yes yeah very short very so you know for the short answer is specifically about your favorite books artists etc are you expecting our academic favorite or what we actually like so would it hurt our chances if we list our favorite book is Harry Potter what Harry Potter is a pretty legitimate book that’s gonna be school dependent I think this thirds um I care more about I think it is a great opportunity to showcase your personality right I think you have three other I think what’s nice is that the next essay that comes directly after that is about your insolent what intellectually excites you right so you already get to nerd out about the academic piece so if you have something I’m that you are really interested in I like to see that I mean the ones that are coming to mind or students who’ve written about love their love of like rock music and like a student you would never expect that to be and you are like I just love the punk rock scene.