Crafting Sentences

We are going to talk about the effects of war the people that were affected by the war and then the end result after the war so those are the things that we’re going to talk about in our paper so now we are ready to draft okay so the next step in the writing process is drafting so here’s where we’re going to take our ideas that we just wrote down and we are going to now think of some sentences so now this is the creative part where you are you’re you’re using your head and you are crafting sentences in your mind and then you’re writing the sentences down so let’s go over what our first paragraph which is our introduction what it should have in it so if you look over here .

Our introduction paragraph should have an attention-grabber it should have our thesis which is what our essay is going to talk about it should have our opinion about our topic and then it really should have our three main points as well as examples of those main points so let’s take a look at this essay okay now the first thing that you actually see is you actually see the page header yay always need a page header then here is your title okay and your title is centered in the middle of the page and now we can go down to our first sentence which is our attention grabber and our attention grabber says you have heard of World War one right and then we answer that by saying well if you have not keep reading okay then our thesis comes up next this essay is going to enlighten you about World War One and how the war affected the world.

And then we give our opinion on our topic when reading about the war I found it interesting and fascinating next we give our three main points that we’re going to talk about in the paper the reasons I found it interesting was the cause of the war the weapons used in the war and the state of the world after the war and then we’re going to give some examples from our main points some examples of those reasons are who started the war the types of weapons used in the war and the end result all right all of that is our introduction we have fully introduced our topic and what our essay is going to talk about to our reader okay so after our introductory paragraph and after that next we have our body paragraphs and so I’m not going to read these paragraphs to you if you would I would like you to pause the video and read the paragraphs yourself but I do want to point out a few things in your body paragraph the first thing is you always want to indent the first word in your paragraph next you also want to add a transition word.