Developing Your Writing Skills

I’ve done so much of writing of it well it turns out it’s not the case actually I can take it or leave it spending quality time with my computer is really not the most enjoyable thing for me I do a lot of writing because it’s important for my professional development it’s gotten to got me to where I am today and I need to do this to be a good university prof and a good University citizen so it’s functional for me that’s why I do a lot of my professional writing and really the message here for you is you really don’t have to love writing you don’t really even have to like writing if you do it’s great you can find much gratification in writing but if you don’t love writing if you don’t like writing you can still be good at it you can still do a fair amount of it and use writing to advance your professional development okay let’s turn now to the various types of social science writing to which you’ll be exposed during your education at  this is just a sample of the types of social science resources you’ll be using. Read more articles on writing development at Edusson.

There are others but I just wanted to introduce you to some of the basic resources so we’ll talk about research monographs edited volumes and journal articles research monographs and edited volumes are both books there are there is an important distinction between them however in the case of research monographs and hears and ears a some examples from psychology they are compilations usually literature reviews research reviews written by a single author so one author wrote the book from beginning to end okay difference between a research monograph and the next the next one edited volume is that in this case the book is all about a common topic but it was not all written by the same author this is a book that I recently edited called the conviction of the innocent and you can see based on the table of contents that there are various chapters that were written by different authors so different authors contributed to the book and one editor in this case me reviewed edited all of the chapters and put the book basically together so a difference between research monographs and edited volumes is that research monographs are authored by a single author edited volumes written by multiple authors chapters written by different authors so different places contribute to an edited volume the next source I wanted to introduce is research reports research reports you would find and what we called refereed journals or peer reviewed journals.

You’ll find a whole section on the peer review process later in this course so these are individual articles published in social science research journals and these are examples of social science research journals specifically psychology journals so journal articles would have research reports and literature reviews so as an example of a research report this is an example of a research report the title is on innocent effects of training on judgments of truth and deception in the interrogation room by authors Kassadin Fong and it’s published in the journal law and human behavior.