Why Cyprus Should Be On Top of Your Study Abroad Shortlist

Eligibility requirements

Because the University of Nicosia conducts all business and classroom instruction (expect in School of Education) in English, students do not need foreign language proficiency to study abroad in Cyprus.  Likewise, because much of the population of Cyprus is fluent in English, it is easy to navigate Cyprus in English only.

Will the cultural experience be relevant to my academic, personal and career goals?

Nicosia (sounds like nik-oh-see ya), the capital of Cyprus is a modern European city.  Those who have traveled to Europe previously will find Nicosia and most of Cyprus very familiar.  Those who have not traveled to Europe will get a “scaled down” perspective of Europe as a very historical region of the world and also a modern and dynamically growing society.

U.S. students participating in a study abroad program at the University of Nicosia through Global Learning Semesters will attend classes with approximately 4,000 local Cypriot students and 1,000 international students.  Students will live in apartments among the residential neighborhood surrounding the University campus in Nicosia.

Again, Cyprus is a small nation, not too overwhelming from U.S. students even from non-metropolitan communities, thus students do not need to be travel savvy to make the most of immersing themselves in the community.

Cyprus is a fascinatingly historical country and provides meaningful hands-on experiences for those interested in international relations, international business, history, management, economics, and other humanities and social sciences.

Student support services

U.S. students participating in a study abroad program at the University of Nicosia will experience premium student support services designed for the characteristics of U.S. study abroad students and strategically provides the level of support necessary to make even the first time international traveler and the muli-country travel savvy student comfortable, yet challenged to develop intercultural competencies.

Global Learning Semesters provides comprehensive student support services, including pre-departure and on-site orientation, 24/7 local staff support, emergency response, strategic co-curricular field trips and activities, housing, academic and personal support.  A member of NAFSA and the Forum on Education Abroad, Global Learning Semesters has become one of the premier study abroad program providers to U.S. college students.

Yes, Cyprus is an academically and culturally relevant location for U.S. college students to study abroad for the summer, semester or full-year.